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“Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it’s price.” – Sun Tzu

Born in New York in 1976 Billy Gavigan knew from an early age what he wanted to become and has went on to fulfill that dream and achieving goals he sets, Billy Worked for his father, James Gavigan, in his real estate development and construction company as a child learning the business before enlisting in the USMC for 12 years. When he joined the Marines he was chosen to be a member of the elite special operations capable group, Bomb Squad ( EOD), and was promoted through to the rank SSgt, selected for Gunnery Sgt, in record time. Billy was awarded numerous medals and traveled the world doing the most dangerous job on the planet, EOD (Bomb Squad). The highlight of his career was being selected to be a Commissioned Officer by his Commanders and Elected officials based on his outstanding leadership ability and selfless devotion to his Marines. His greatest personal honor was being chosen to attend The Citadel, while he was on active duty under this program (MECEP) to be a Marine Officer. No one in his family had ever attended a University and most males have served generation after generation. During his service on active duty Billy learned valuable lessons and left the Marines with an understanding of Federal and State governments. During his Service he was sent to protect the President of the United States often serving on his direct support team, he taught FBI classes for Bomb Investigations, and led numerous real world missions in to harms way to include hostage rescue missions. Those experiences would pay off for him in the future of his career and laid the foundation of his governmental interactions. After leaving the Corps Billy perfected his business skills and abilities to realize a good deal when it presented itself.

After Leaving the USMC he pursued real estate and urban redevelopment. He decided to make the South Carolina real estate market his next goal and did with great success. Billy Gavigan had only a small bank balance, but the confidence, negotiating skills, and knowledge to become a member of an exclusive business group consisting of the top developers, land owners, and Government officials in the southeast, which ordinarily would not have been allowed by a regular broker or outsider. Some say Billy is successful because he kept a core group of influential mentors to guide him who he has met through a proven tract record of high return deals he put together totaling over 350 million dollars in direct sales and a billion dollars in indirect and development relationships having great growth impact on the southeast. He still communicates with his mentors and Military comrades on a regular basis and seeks advice often. Rather than golfing and fishing Billy Gavigan used his status to make contacts within the industry and promote Veterans rights and support causes. Billy has become one of the most respected brokers and growth and development expert in the southeast.

Billy is most proud of the civic work and donations to Injured Veterans groups.


  • President/CEO at The Gavigan Group

    Mr Gavigan Serves as the President and CEO of a Portfolio of Real Estate Based Corporations providing services and development in SC/ NC/ GA

  • Builder at Wexford Plantation, South Carolina

  • COO at Iceman Icehouse & Best Price Ice

    Launch of the most innovative Ice Vending Machine in the world with Charles Marshall

  • MECEP at United States Marine Corps

  • Explosive Safty Officer at USMC

  • Explsive Ordnance Disposal at USMC / US DOS / SOTGi

    Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operations & Global Anti Terrorism Assistance Instructor

  • Hoosick Falls Junior – Senior High School

  • Tamarac Senior High School

  • TCL

    Concentration: Engineering, Electronics
  • The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

    Concentration: Education/History
Veterans Assistance and Severely Injured Veterans Causes Billy Gavigan is passionate about the direction of the Country and our Service men and women

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