Columbia Home Make Over News cast update

Attached is a news link to the home make over we are wrapping up in Columbia for a spouse of a WWII vet! Mrs Davis as I learned also raised the neighborhood. When a family or child was down, out, or in trouble they went to Mrs Davis.  Gangland was filmed 2 blocks over and the other two blocks is the most prestigious area in Columbia SC. The transition is where her home is and most of her life. Great story! Great people.

Semper FI

PS I never said I was retired! Tired maybe! Or retarded! 🙂

USMC MECEP Citadel Marines come together and make over a Columbia women home

USMC MECEP Citadel Marines Bill Heft, Maj USMC and Billy Gavigan come together with many other volunteers and make over a Columbia women’s home. Mrs Davis has cared for so many