The Veteran Family

Gavigan group Executive

Billy Gavigan and Laurie Gavigan with Ashley and Nicole. missing from photo is Orion Gavigan







-Top Athletic backgrounds in High schools

-Each Came from Lower Middle Class Upbringings and could not afford college

-Fathers and Mother were hard working and not college educated

-Both had Veteran Fathers



Wife (20 years Service):   Gunnery Sgt Gavigan, Retired USMC


-Could not afford college and wanted to make it out of a small town with no Job future

– Stand out multi sport athlete who could not afford college

-Head of the house hold role through high school as oldest Sister while parents worked 2-3 jobs


Husband (12 Years of Active Service, 7 as Federal Gov’t contractor and company owner): Billy Gavigan


-Left a small town with little to no job future and was told by his teachers he would never accomplish anything after a semester of failed, but fun, semester College and lack of educational focus through school,

-Was diagnosed “Special ed or needs now” in middle school because of high energy.

-Set State records in sports

– Multi sport athlete and captain

-One teacher saw the potential and talent another way and mentored him through school and encouraged the Marines, Wrestling, and had him fund, build, purchase and start the first NY state live School TV school production show with no assistance, just a wager and advisement until funded.


veterans move on to second careers that create revenue and jobs

veterans move on to second careers that create revenue and jobs



-Each Joined the Marines for Similar but different Reasons, they wanted to leave nothing and be something but knew they had to get out:


Both reborn on Parris Island (can tell you the day of rebirth and still recite the Hymn & children stand for the Pledge of allegiance.





Each at 18 Years old were responsible for Millions of dollars of Equipment, several subordinate, over 500 Marines needs to include but not limited to: rapid deployment operations.


(Typically a 30-40 year old seasoned, college educated Civilian’s position)



GySgt Laurie Gavigan

in processing can be a life changing experience in the USMC



By 21 Each had over 100 Direct Subordinates and hundreds of millions of dollars of budgets, Classified materials, and Families to ensure were ok, were dealing with suicides, attending funerals, and working directly for National leaders and or in support of international crisis’s directly with foreign leaders with supervision and direction of Senior Officers


Between them:


4 Years Over Seas in Service of their Nation

6 Deployments Overseas in Harms way or dangerous situations or Missions

-Both had near death experiences

-Fought forest fires

-Evacuated Disaster victims of foreign nations on rapid notice

-Trained foreign Military units as advisors

-Worked 120 a week for years with no overtime or a day off 7 days a week


Protected the President of The United States (POTUS), 3 of them and family members direct POTUS Team leads

-Processed and lead classified documents, intelligence, and operational intelligence for planning and execution of high value missions



USC students, Kathy Dent, and members of the Armed services are doing a home make over in Columbia South Carolina

USC students, Kathy Dent, and members of the Armed services are doing a home make over in Columbia South Carolina



-Paid for their own College through the Military, through a Meritorious Commissioning program selected for leadership ability & Tenacity 

-Both were ranked top 1% in their Marine Jobs. 

-Recognized for achievements with 30-40 Medals by our nation between them


One: Special Operations Capable Units, Bomb Squad member, and responded to hundreds of calls off base to support local and Federal Law enforcement to include direct action Hostage rescue Missions on US soil with the FBI


-One 13 years at Parris Island Making and Training Marines

-Both Held Top Secret and Higher Clearances, Never compromised 

-One on the Discovery channel numerous times for Making Marines


-Each were valued advisers, Leaders, and Mentors who still receive calls today about changing Young Marines Lives and positive impacts that have gone on to leading Civilian companies as Jr Execs who will one day lead companies


-Each still Call their Mentors who assisted them in Positive way and molded the energy into leadership, forged in hard work and chiseled in leadership traits.





-10 Close friends who have been killed in Action

-20 former or known friends wounded and or severely injured suffering from sever injuries

-One suffered a Broken Neck, Cannot sleep for days, loss of


Feelings in arms and legs daily, has been trying for VA Benefits for 3 Years should be 100% service connect and stuck in the VA System


-One has extreme loss of hearing, was involved in explosive incidents suffering burns to face and saved by Wiley X ANSI Rated sun glasses from frag to the face, survivors guilt, diagnosed with TBI, but will not be treated for issues.




-Together they lead a family with 3 Children,

– Run 4 companies

-Require no assistance or medical care.

-Aggressive Veterans Rights advocates and Political advisers for Federal and state Officials

-Have directly Brought over 2 Billion dollars in growth to the region they live

-Donated over 500k in time and money to charities to include housing makeovers, materials and clothing for abused women and Children, school fund raising, church volunteers  

-Advise businesses and assist in Jobs for Veteran Leaders and protecting the bases

-Volunteer at their local school every day where children are

-Created hundreds of jobs thorough Development activates and other owned companies through owned companies 

-Lead internships for local tech Colleges

-Work part time overseas mentoring foreign forces



-Strong Growth in companies lead, Job creators, taxpayers,


Employers of 2-3 workers who no one would hire due to mistakes they made in young ages but now give leadership positions to.



Maj Bill Hefty and Billy Gavigan , Both Marines come together to lead a Charity home makeover in Columbia SC

Maj Bill Hefty and Billy Gavigan , Both Marines come together to lead a Charity home makeover in Columbia SC







-85-89% of Retiree Income spent locally

-Billions brought to SC for investments in the States economy

-Mentors at schools

-Public Speakers for fortune 100 Companies

-Serve on National Boards for Veterans Causes

-Require no Gov’t assistance

-Bring and raise enormous impact fees and Taxes to the state


Disclosure: this package is intended and made to highlight benefits and examples of veteran’s activities and show potive factors that families bring to a state. No specific Gov’t operations, job specific achievements, or roles are to be considered purposes for reliance. No Federal, or Military endorsements of information are intended or represented. No Military actions or information  is confirmed nor denied



VA SAH Grant meeting

VA SAH Grant meeting by two GWOT leader. Josh and James are leading the cause to recognize this generation