A Poem from a Patriot who gave more than most and less than the Heros who gave it all


Mr Gavigan beleives in strong security through leadership not castle walls

Mr Gavigan believes in strong security through leadership not castle walls

This poem is to all those in politics who have forgotten what makes this country what it is today. Both sides of the aisle. You are accountable.

We took our pledge. We stood tall.
All gave some, and some gave all.

We mounted the gates, we fought toe to toe. A relentless enemy, a formidable foe.

We mourned our friends, too young to die. We swore revenge, but it was all just a lie.

You said it was for freedom, our colors, our creed. But where were you in our time of  true need.

Where were your promises, no man left behind. You sit in your castle, manipulating the blind.

You duped the masses, but soon you’ll see. You can fool the sheeple, but you can’t fool me.

I trusted your words. You up on high. I stepped forward to fight. I stepped forward to die.

But my fate was different, I mourn next to the grave. My brothers I’ve buried, the truly free and the brave.

So tell me another story. Another move of the pawns. Fooling the public with flags on the lawn.

I see through your game. I can foretell your plan. You squirm and dodge us, you cowardly men.

Your character in question, in truth doesn’t matter. Our warriors keep dying while your pockets get fatter.

You’ve tainted our pillars. Two faced from the start. But here is your warning, you can’t kill our heart.

Our Tribe will finally gather. True blood and souls metal. You will see the Phoenix rise, as the dust finally settles.

We will be here forever, out living your lies. And when our enemies strike, still we answer your cries.

So sleep soundly tonight. Your damage has been done. We will stand in your stead when our enemies come.

And even as they fall, we remember the brave. Our hearts will be free. Your hearts will be slaves.

Our country. Our banner. Our flag we fly often. You wear it on a lapel. We drape it on our coffins.

So let this sit heavy. Your people you’ve failed. You playing Ahab. Us the White whale.

You’ll never defeat us. On our honor we swore. We shall only rest when you’re never more.

We won’t forget what you’ve done. Not now. Not ever. We stand for you. And we deserve better.

~An American

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