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The UNIT Photo

It was our Pre deployment picture day for the history book. I was so proud to be the one Holding the Company Guide.  We were heading out on a MEU and uncharted waters after 12 moths of the most intense training and live fire missions. We were the Tip of America’s Spear at that moment in time.

The Marine Exp Unit, Special Operations Capable!  Sharpened to the point of perfection.  It was my first deployment. Our NCOs were seasoned Leader, Our Officers were razor sharp & very educated/practical  leaders. The SNCOs mentored and the NCOs carried out the Battalions Orders. As a LCpl, and our other Non NCOs, we were the Battalion. The Non NCOs were the Big stick that would take any hill, any climb, any place. The Commanding Officers intent and words spoken were Gospel and we were the heavy hands that would carry out the Orders issued. Within hours of that phone call to the MEU 2nd BN 5th Marines were pre-positioned in that hot spot waiting to be unleashed while under way.  It felt like cruise control control. It’s almost unfair to another Country to have to know that within minutes and hours a Death Dealing combined Arms can of whoop ass would be landed and opening up a breach or striking a lethal first blow before you awoke.

2nd Bn 5th MarinesLCpl might at times be the best Rank in the Corps… It gets serious after that.  A very diverse group but it fit like a perfect puzzle. I guess that’s what leaders do. Put the puzzle together.

Even the S-4 section was a lethal Machine.

Thank you Boyd for the great Sunday gift Picture…