Parris Island is still facing attacks by Rep Debbie Dingell

The Support of our Leaders are needed! Rally around Parris Island and Our Marines

Is Parris Island under attack by congresswomen Debbie Dingell, 12th Dist Of Michigan,  leader of the Crime Capital Of America?! Detroit and Dearborn  Michigan’s Congresswoman leads a battle over Parris Islands training while Her own district is one of the worst in America  several personal visits and direct engagements have occurred over the last year

1.  How many of your district’s recruits did You see when You were here, how many before, and after?

2.  Did You consult with the South Carolina Congressional Offices? Or Elected Officals here?

3.  Have You been to greet Your Marines in the Combat Zones oversea

Intel:  Dingell’s Political claim to fame: The Auto bailout and TARP. Rep of Dearborn & Detroit, Mich Region. Rep Debbie Dingell seems to have made a self-proclaimed Agenda to dismantle the United States Marine Corps War fighting Basic training Foundation and Fundamentals. Congresswomen Dingell! Respectfully, FIX YOUR DISTRICT FIRST. She single-handedly made has made several trips into our district, which I have been told were unannounced (congressional Protocol ), to oversee the gutting of the ranks. The dismantling of Parris Island, Firing of
Leaders over a Suicide. Any Loss of life is a tragedy. The loss of the life last year at Parris Island, a suicide, is a lesson learned. I want to make a point clear here; every life is important! Training our young men and women to lead Americans in combat and to be able to face the most stressful events in their life is the most important and toughest job there is. The Congresswomen from Dearborn leads one of the worst districts in America, but she has single-handedly caused a gutting of over 50 Marine’s careers in order to advance her own and her actions continue to destroy the lives and families over 75 Marines on Parris Island. A Marine was sentenced to 10 Years this week While the deserter from the Army, Bergdahl, walks away after deserting his unit and costing the lives of 10 incredible soldiers and then paid over
$300,000 in back pay! My fellow United States Marines are being sentenced up to 10 years in jail because of a Muslim Recruit decided to throw himself off the second story balcony at Parris Island. Approx 22,000 of the worlds greatest fighters train at Parris Island nearly every year. Every life is important although there are tolerances in what we do. We are training the worlds finest fighters to lead men and women of America under the most stressful situations imaginable. An individual such as Dingell has no business coming to Parris Island, South Carolina dismantling all we stand and train for as U.S. Military in order to protect our home and our people. Looking at her district stats on, she has one of the highest and dangerous crime rates in America! She would be better off taking care of her own home and people before destroying others.


While the sentence must still be approved by Marine Corps Training and Education Command’s Maj. Gen. Kevin Iiams, Felix will be housed temporarily in the brig at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, where the court-martial was held.

Felix is the father of four daughters who range in age from less than a year to 12. He and his wife, Jean, have been married 14 years; their November anniversary occurred during his trial. He told the court his wife had a miscarriage after he was sidelined from his drill instructor duties in the wake of former recruit Raheel Siddiqui’s death.